Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Chilli crisps and beer

Wurst AKA Whorst is a newly found blogger friend of mine. I think he's slightly crazy, but then who am I to talk? He shares my view that good chilli and beer go together very well.

I like the Tyrrell jalapeno and lemon potato "chips" that we used to get here and these always went well with any beer, but in particular a nice light hoppy thing like Mothbag by Barngates. The chilli bite along with the sour of the lemon works well with beer and makes you want to drink more beer.

Sadly, Tyrrells have now changed to a more wussy version which is Chilli and sweet pepper. Not anything like the original.

Right, now I need to do some work - I'm in soooo much trouble for spending time blogging, Ann's going to smash up the modem soon I think.

Do me a favour and mail Ann at woolpack.co.uk and tell her to stop bothering me as this is important beer work.

Now I really will be in trouble


Whorst said...

Funny you should mention crisps. I just bought 2 bags of Kettle Brand, Death Valley Chipotle, the ULTIMATE pepper paradise, and Spicy Thai, ginger with ATTITUDE. Both are excellent and go great with a nice, hoppy ale. A Chipotle is basically a smoked Jalapeno. In a can they come packed in adobo sauce, which is fiery and delicious. One of those huge Tesco's probably sells them.

In a few days I'm brewing a couple of beers. I've got a very hoppy pale ale in the works, hopped with Amarillo and Centennial. Also, a dark mild with just a single hop addition of East Kent Goldings. I should have a nice array of beers for the Thanksgiving holiday. Oh, and being that you're into the culinary side of things, I'm smoking a turkey on Thanksgiving. I brine the bird for 2 days in a variety of spices and salt. It gets rinsed, dried, then covered in butter. Then it goes into my smoker where it smokes at 107C. When done, the turkey slices like ham. It's moist and truly wonderful. I'll save you a seat at the bar!

The Woolpack Inn said...

Smoked Turkey, fantastic. Pity you're so far away.

I like smoking food, I use tea, sugar and rice as a smoking mix.