Wednesday, 26 November 2008

On the move

Well this is the first post from the laptop using WIFI - just really to prove it works....

I'm sitting in The White Swan Hotel, Henley-in-Arden. A last minute booking for accommodation. If I'd been organised I'd have found something out of the good beer guide. Organisation is not my strong point.

They have got Jennings Cumberland and Black Sheep Bitter on the bar. Goodness, I'm in Warwickshire and I've got the choice of a Cumbrian ale or a Yorkshire ale. Northern ales and they're not using sparklers - oh my god!!

But they have got Purity Gold which is brewed in Warwickshire. I have to say that out of the three tonight the Purity offering wins by miles. It's got a nice nose reminiscent of Parmesan cheese, weird, but not unpleasant. Good bittering and a good hoppy, fruity taste. My kind of golden ale. Best of all the brewery is less than 6 miles away from where I am sitting. The other two are probably over 200 miles from here - not good beer miles and poorer beer.
Well lets see if Mr Protz' beers tomorrow are worth the trip....

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Stonch said...

I've just ordered some Purity Gold. The pub you visited is obviously tied to the same pubco as us, judging by the generic "Guest Ale" clip with handy card inserts!