Monday, 24 November 2008

Wrap up on West Cumbria beer fest

I managed to get through on Saturday night. When we arrived more than 11 beers had run out. By the time we left there was probably only 11 beers left.

I tried a few beers and have now lost my copy of the program, complete with comments. I'm going a little off memory. For me the most memorable beer was Yorkshire Dales, Usha Gap 5% which was wonderfully bitter with a flavour I decided was orange pith. From the same brewery Brussels Stout 4.0% was also nice. Whitehaven's Ennerdale Blond 3.8% was popular and sold out quickly, as did my own Saazy's Wiesse 4.3%. Bitter End Barley wine 6.2% didn't really clear, didn't seem popular, but most importantly I thought the tasting notes were wrong, no way was it hoppy. Tigertops Blanch de Newlands 4.5% I've already said was good, Graham and Tony both agreed but the official tasting panel didn't - that's a shame. But then the tasting panel voted Jennings Snecklifter 5.1% beer of the festival. I like Snecklifter and it's OK, but there were better beers there in my view.

I went on Sunday morning to recover my handpulls and my empty cask and pretend to help pack away the bar. Apparently there was very little beer left. The treasurer was still unsure if enough money was taken to cover costs, but hopefully it'll be OK. I took Alfie along and he did a magnificent job in helping strike the bar, I might just be nurturing the next generation of beer drinkers, at 12 years old he'd sup a pint now given half a chance.

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