Thursday, 13 November 2008

Tonight, CAMRA is my best friend

Sometimes I criticise CAMRA for pursuing policies that I think might damage the very pubs they are trying to save. But today, how can I be critical. (Do you end a rhetorical question with a question mark?)

The local branch voted us Pub Of The Season (POTS) a little while ago. The press secretary has issued a release this week and hit the local papers today.

I just think at the moment the branch needs more publicity for the Whitehaven Beer Festival. But it's The Woolpack Inn that's done best out of the publicity. Fantastic.

Here's the press stuff.

Whitehaven News
News and Star
Times and Star


Whorst said...

Well done Dave! One of these days I'll be paying you a visit. Paula and I want to fly to Manchester, where we will then hire a car. The plan is to drive up to The Watermill Inn and stay for a night or two. How many miles are you from the Watermill?

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with criticising CAMRA, I'm a member and I'm happy to do it!

The Woolpack Inn said...

Thanks guys,

I think the thing to do is make criticism constructive and remember that opinions are just that.

The second bit I sometimes have problems with, but I try!

Wurst aka Whorst - we are around 30 miles from the Watermill, which is possibly my second fav. pub in Cumbria - The Prince of Wales being my top fav.

It would be good to see you - just remember not to visit in December or January as we have weird opening regimes then due to a total lack of customers.