Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Just packing up..

OK, we're off on our first leg of our International Beer Tour. Bar cooler bits and beers ready, (need to find one pump clip) Alan, Pads, Mick, My Dad, and even Harry (would you believe it?) all primed to keep the place safe and sound in our absence. Ann is panicking about such things as Euros. Doesn't she know, even deepest Europe has ATMs? The banking system isn't that close to collapse yet.

Calling in to see that nice Mr Protz at the NEC on Thursday. Apparently he's going to tell us about 5 beers to try before you die. mmmmmm..we'll see.

Thursday night we're off to the big metropolis. Yes us country types can survive in the city. We don't like it much. Far too many people all over the place. Hopefully my brother will put us up in his gaff for a few days. It'll give us a chance to work out why this southern beer is better without being sparkled. I doubt it'll change my mind. There are pubs I've heard are good in the village of London so I might give a few a try.

Then off to Brussels. Sunday we set up a bar in the Brewers of Europe House so that by Tuesday evening we can impress some people there with our excellent cask ale. OK, maybe taking beer to Belgium is like taking coal to Newcastle, but it'll be fun. We can try and get a few digs in at the MEPs about how there are rules that limit our governments ability to reduce VAT for pubs - according to the Treasury it's all Brussels fault - well I can ask them myself and let you know.

Then whilst in Belgium we might just have to sample a few of their beers. It would be rude not to, wouldn't it?

So, if this blog becomes a bit erratic for a week or so you know why. I'll try and update from the laptop if I get a WIFI connection, otherwise we'll see you next week.

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Anonymous said...

Careful, Protzy might have you drinking Greene King!