Monday, 24 November 2008

More on the tie

Firstly, Hoppy Birthday Tandleman - It's not the blog authors birthday you understand, just his blogs first year. I have Tandleman to thank in part for helping me find my way in the blogging world by comments on my blog, and putting up with my comments in reply to his writings.

Another blogger who has helped me is Jeff Pickthall, who regularly puts up worthy issues for discussion and provokes Tandleman into interesting counter comment. Recently the discussion has been over the tied pub. Tyson also occasionally has some things to say on this and other subjects that cause stimulation of my thought processes.

The Pub Tie, cause and effectWhat is interesting about these three worthy characters is that although they seem to disagree on finer points, there seems to be a general consensus that there are problems with the tie system. What is not being agreed upon is just what should be done. Ho hum, at least there is some common ground. Mr Tandleman has helped me realise that the discussions are good.

But what shall we do about it??

I don't know, but Mr Tyson made an interesting post here about the governments ideas to tackle drink related problems. His post seemed to have a level of sarcasm in it as far as I could tell. No? Must be my imagination then. Anyway, after recent postings by all three of these bloggers I started doodling - and the diagram here is the result after tidying up.

Jeff's recent post

Tandleman's recent post Actually I thought he'd made more posting on the subject - perhaps I'm just getting mixed up with comments
I knew there was another one,It's here


Anonymous said...

Interestingly most of the pubs that I've seen closing or between landlords where I live are. Is it too optimistic to think that the market might change the tie for the better?

The Woolpack Inn said...

My experaince mirrors what you say. And yet I saw somewhere that long term free houses are more likely to close. I wish I could remember where.

Unfortunately, whilst I would like you to be right, sadly I think the tied estates will have the resources to ride this out and reduce the free houses. Remaining profitable free houses will be bought out by pubcos or brewers once the economic situation improves.

Lets hope I'm wrong.