Thursday, 13 November 2008

Brussels Madness

We all know there is plenty of madness in Brussels, most of it gets transmitted to us in the form of EU directives. Well, despite there already being sufficient madness and beer already there, I'm taking some beer at the beginning of December, thereby increasing, by only a small amount, the quantity of both.

The idea is we are going to offer some MEPs fine British (well northern English actually) ales and hopefully, in there weakened state, persuade them to do some things that help us here in the UK, rather than hinder. It's all linked to the All Party Parliamentary Beer Group and their Inquiry, which I have mentioned here and here and here.

Barry from Tiger Tops brewery is also sending some. Beer that is, not madness. He's keeping his version of sanity challenged personality at home on this occasion, leaving me to to do all the work. To do this though he urgently needs a bag in box pin (4.5g) so he can rack off his most excellent latest brew so that I can take it with me - he needs it soon.

Can anybody help?

Barry is in Wakefield WF2 9LN


Jeff Pickthall said...

I've got a bag but not the box.

The Woolpack Inn said...

Well I think Barry was hoping to get it for tomorrow - he could get one posted from Foxfield but he needs to rack it off before the weekend.

BTW - I like the pics. I see what you mean about attitude.