Sunday, 4 January 2009

Up the Kriek

I just cannot get Ann to drink beer. I've forced her to taste many beers and the best I can get is "it's OK" which really means "I'll drink it if I have to, but it's shit, and I'd rather not."

But when it comes to Kriek, well that's a different matter. We HAVE to have Kriek on tap all the time here otherwise there is real TROUBLE.

During our recent trip to Brussels we brought back several different fruit beers. One turned out to have been made by InBev, and apparently, despite being Kriek, is also "shit". Tastes far too sweet and is reminiscent of artificial cherryade. She opened one by mistake tonight and then realised that all her Mort Subite Kriek has gone. This little mass produced debacle is called Belle-Vue.

Luckily she's just found a bottle of Timmermans Fruits de la ForĂȘt. Phew, I thought there was going to be trouble for a minute there. Apparently the Timmermans tastes of real fruit and is significantly dryer, but then the Timmermans is also a lambic which will add some interest. I'd rather just have the lambic and leave out the fruit.

We normally have Timmermans Kriek on the bar, but we're closed just now and all the lines are cleaned ready for the new season, so it's bottled beers only.


Alistair Reece said...

Did she try the Mort Subite kriek on your recent trip to Brussels? I found some in France and really enjoyed it. Happy New Year by the way!

Boak said...

I'm a fan of Mort Subite kriek -- definitely has a bit more going on than the other sweet ones.

Unknown said...

Ann tried several fruit beers including Mort Subite. We also brought quite a bit of Belgian stuff back, but between drinking it ourselves and educating friends and family we have little left now.

Yes, many fruit beers are just too sweet.

Paul Garrard said...

The Belgium Monk in Norwich imports and sells Der Toolen Kriek which is like no other cherry beer, in fact it's not like a beer at all. If you can forget that it is a beer it is actually a nice aperitif.