Sunday, 11 January 2009

Oz and James Drink to Britain

Stonch has a post about this program. I'm not surprised that there are many beer geeks complaining about the program not being what they, the beer geeks, want. Yes sure, I'd really like to see a program on prime time telly that is much more serious about beer. But if it was that serious it would not be on prime time telly 'cause most normal people wouldn't watch it.

Yes the program is a little contrived, but hey, it's entertaining in a Top Gear sort of way.

I am really pleased that there is now so much interest in craft beer that it features in the same slot and with familiar faces. Morrisy Fox are in the same league. It will get an increased number of normal people interested in something other than Fosters. Lets stop complaining shall we?

I only got to watch the program because of IPlayer on you an find it here.


Paul Garrard said...

ealaleI welcome the Oz and James programme, and enjoyed the first one. It’s a winning formula so they ain’t going to change it. Any programme that raises the awareness of ale is okay in my book. I know I shouldn’t, but I also like Top Gear.

Paul said...

My mother has exhorted me to watch this. Should I? I like bitter, mild, porter, stout, IPA, golden ales and the rest. It might be a bit beyond me... unless of course it's a simple pub crawl that glories in alcohol. That would be fine and very acceptable.

Unknown said...

You shouldn't feel guilty about watching Top Gear. You are not supposed to take it too seriously. It's about men having fun and they throw a few geeky facts in to broaden appeal.

Oz and James Drink to Britain is exactly the same. So yes, it is a pub crawl that glories alcohol, with some passing references to the technicalities of beer.

Of course the glorifying of alcohol is done in a responsible way.......

Unknown said...

Before I get into trouble for making sweeping gender biased comments - yes, women can like fast cars and beer. In fact, I like women who like fast cars and beer.

Tyson said...

Just sit back and enjoy it. Beer snobs also rubbished Morrissey Fox and yet that got people to try real ale for the first time. No bad thing.

I must be the only one who doesn't watch Top Gear, though.