Thursday, 22 January 2009

National Winter Beer Festival

I went. The beer was nice. I think the effort put into cask cooling paid off as every beer I had was good and that is unusual for a festival. I really liked the fact that there was a very good selection of foreign beers. Unfortunately I had chosen to go to the trade session and as I had to catch a train I missed the opening of the competition bar. That is the only complaint, if I have one.

Oh, not quite, when rushing to catch the train with only moments to go and a burger in one hand and carrying my expensive  camera in the other I was asked for a ticket.

You should go, it's good.


Tandleman said...

Dave - It was good to meet you even if only briefly. I did mean to seek to seek you out again, but bank visits for change and other sundry duties (as well as a little light schmoozing) precluded that. Yjeer will be other times.

I somehow thought you were a big bugger too, not the slim and trim chap you are. You and Avery need a good rag pudding in you! (-;

Unknown said...

It was good to meat you as well. Camragirl's description of you seems accurate. I can see the Robbie Coltrane likeness. I guess you must have been quite busy; it's a big show you've organised there.

Not quite sure why you thought I was bigger, from my picture perhaps? Ann thinks it makes me look grumpier than I normally am.

Rag pudding...mmmm. suet..mmmm...yes please.

Tim said...

Look at all the tickers in the photos! A rare opportunity to observe these creatures in their natural habitat.