Sunday, 1 March 2009

Kids and Dogs

Meet Duke. Isn't he nice? He came into the pub today for his daily supply of ice. He likes ice. He also likes our supply of doggie biscuits we keep stashed behind the bar especially for our doggie customers. He came in with AJ and Mags and it was good to see all three especially when they noticed our improvements. Mags though does insist on drinking Kriek in pints, much to Ann's distress as we'll have to order a new keg now.

We like dogs. I might have mentioned this before. Providing they come with well behaved and discerning drinkers all is well*. However, kids, well they can be a different matter.

I relate an exchange between our barman and a customer. "Can we bring our children in?" questions the customer "We've left the dogs tied up outside". "I'd rather you did it the other way round" replies my barman.

Now it's not that we don't like children. I have some of my own which I tolerate from time to time. It's not even that I object to them in pubs, per sae. But I do object to parents who treat pubs as kindergartens. Get them to sit down nicely and then the adults can get the drinks. It is so irritating when a bar is lined up with children peering over like it is a sweetie shop counter.

*Badly behaved dogs are only that way as a result of bad owners. Mind you, you could say the same thing about children.


Curmudgeon said...

Obviously in this day and age you can't have a blanket "no kids in pubs" rule. But I think every pub worthy of the name should have at least one bar where under-18s are not allowed.

Interestingly, a couple of the no-food pubs around here have put up clear signs on the door saying "over 18s only".

Ron Pattinson said...

As a parent and drinker do you know what really pisses me off in the UK? The fact that pubs almost never clearly indicate on the outside whether kids are allowed in or not. There's nothing more disheartening than trudging around pubs in a strange town asking if you can bring your kids in.

I guees I'm spoiled living on the contitnent where kids in pubs is a non issue.

Unknown said...

Ron, we try to make our policy clear. Well behaved kids are welcome. It says something to that effect on the door.

But often it's not read and people ask anyway.

As a parent, I agree with what you say. Unfortunalty a small proportion of families spoil it for everyone else.

Alistair Reece said...

Well behaved kids in pubs are never a problem, but kids running around screaming when your trying to enjoy a pint is just a nuisance. However, I would argue that most of the badly behaved kids are a product of a lack of parental supervision and/or control. The number of times I have been in a pub and some brat is running around being chased by his dad is remarkable. It is then that the landlord should step in and restore calm.