Tuesday 17 March 2009

A pub's not just for Saturdays

A while ago I signed up to statcounter to get some details of visits to my blog. It's free and therefore worth every penny I pay. It's really interesting to see how people get here and what they might be looking for. A couple of other bloggers have commented on the curious search terms that people enter.

I get more interested in the times and days that visits occur. Clearly on a Saturday you are all in the pub rather than playing on the Internet. Well done.

But it does raise an interesting question. We are busy enough on a Saturday, but for about half the year we'd be better off closed for some of the week. Should we close the doors when we know trade is too low to justify being open?

Luckily Easter is getting close, we'll be inundated with people then, it's mixed blessings as we could do with the money, but for a few days it will be pandemonium.


Jeff Pickthall said...

I think a lot of blog viewing is undertaken surreptitiously in office hours.

Tim said...

Yep, I wouldn't read blogs during my own time.