Saturday 28 February 2009

The North South divide

I know I can't please everyone. Two posts ago I was at a difference of opinion with Tandleman and Curmudgeon as a result of my views on the beer tie. Jeff Pickthall on the other hand seems to have closer ideas to me on such subjects. But sorry Jeff, today my story might find myself back in favour with Tandleman at least.

I know this subject has been done to death but I just thought relating the discussion in the bar last night might amuse some of my readers. Two drinkers came in to try my beers and seemed to rather like them, as of course do most drinkers of my beer. But then what do you expect? we make nice beer here. They were very pleased in general to be in the valley of Eskdale where several other pubs serve good ales.

They then continued to enthuse about how beer is much better in the North of the country. "After all" they explained "they don't use sparklers down south".

Honest, I didn't provoke them. The said gentlemen are, I believe, from Nottingham, which appears to be in the north, according to Tandleman.

To see what sparklers are all about see Tandlemans postor better still look at all the posts on the subject on Stonch's blog. Jeff Pickthall is known to view sparklers as "the work of the Devil" oh well, we all have our faults.


Curmudgeon said...

At the risk of incurring Tandleman's wrath, see this post ;-)

The really dense-headed, tightly-sparklered pints that are commonplace in the North-West nowadays were unknown twenty-five years ago.

I have never yet had the courage to ask a Northern publican to remove the sparkler, though.

Sat In A Pub said...

Well, there are degrees of sparkler use:) Tandleman is considered a moderate in our circles. He favours the conciliatory path of educating the ignorant. No one's perfect. I once myself believed in education, but I no betetr now. In the face of their unrelenting hatred of this beer nirvana, I meet fire with fire. Sparklers should be compulsory and any request to remove them should be met with derisory laughter.

Posts about sparklers and the tie all in a few days. A guaranteed way to boost comments! My dream is to see the two married in one article:)

Unknown said...

Curmudgeon, should you wish to ask for beer unsparkled in my pub you would be only too welcome. I couldn't promise not to meet the request with derisory laughter as suggested by Tyson, but your desire would still be served.

There, you see the skill of a good landlord is trying to keep everyone happy.

Tandleman said...

I am sure that they weren't alleging that Nottingham is down south though.

As for me being a sparkler moderate, well, I am always reasonably reasonable.

Curmudgeon. Sparklers go back a lot longer than you might think, but of course were of the slotted variety, not the drilled hole one thus providing a looser head. And who here remembers the "dog's dick" sparkler? I love sparklers. They are great!

Unknown said...

I seem to remember, a long time ago, there being adjustable sparklers. Back then I was young, stupid and often in a state of inebriation when in a pub, so memory on the subject is somewhat faded.

Anonymous said...

"I have never yet had the courage to ask a Northern publican to remove the sparkler, though."

I do, I consider it my duty!
(when I remember)

Dubbel said...

Still really dislike them and don't always spot that they are attached before ordering my first beer. They ought to come with a disclaimer on the bar.

Erlangernick said...

I've not only enjoyed non-sparkled Lees at two of Tandleman's locals without facing ridicule or scorn ( my face, anyway!), but nearly convinced the Tandle Hill's landlady's husband that Lees is better that way! 'Twas a monumental occasion.

Tandleman said...

We like to humour you Yankees.