Monday 2 March 2009

A Screw Loose

Tomorrow I exchange my normal cocktail of caffeine and alcohol for an unknown general analgesia. Unknown to me that is, the anesthetist will presumably know exactly what he's giving me. After midnight tonight I am Nil by Mouth. They are trusting me on that one........better get the pints in now.

I'm having a screw removed. Yeah, yeah, it's already been said, I need all the loose ones tightened. Anyway, having broken my leg a couple of years ago it's been decided that it's a good idea to remove the 2" No10 that held the break together. The procedure includes something called an arthroscopy. Hopefully, I'll wait until I get home before becoming legless.

So, probably be a couple of days before I post again as I'll have to readjust my body to all these unnatural drugs with which they will no doubt contaminate my alcohol stream.


Sat In A Pub said...

Here's to a speedy recovery.

Christi said...

Hmm, that WAS two years ago already that my big brother Ted and I arrived at the end of a long journey at the Foxfield Brewery, totally jetlagged (and me coming down that horrendous cold), to be greeted by name and told that our host had just broken his leg skiing and that Ted should be prepared to do some brewing in the next two weeks. All the best for a quick and painless procedure tomorrow.

Tandleman said...

Hope it is quick and painless Dave.

Tim said...

I hope you get better service than we got in A&E the week before last. Similar issue where my Mrs has a plate in her ankle and the screw has worked loose causing inflamation.
I'll raise my glass to a speedy recovery.

Jeff Pickthall said...

Which hozzy?

Unknown said...

Thanks guys. It was relatively quick and painless. The worst bit is waiting around all day to go to theatre.

I'm back now, Chinese takeaway in my tummy and just about to settle down to watch a DVD.

Jeff, It was Whitehaven hospital, who contrary to popular opinion seem to have a good orthopaedic department.

Christi, yes that was two years ago, wasn't it fun? Perhaps I'll tell that story here sometime, complete with the picture of dejected looking Ted.