Saturday 21 March 2009

Beer Pannacotta

I mentioned about the Guinness pannacotta that I had at the Black Dog Inn on Wednesday. It really was surprisingly good. For a chef, brewer and beer nerd I don't really put much thought into the food possibilities of beer. I really liked the dessert and just had to try and make it myself. In a fit of unusual generosity I am going to share the details of this malt beverage culinary experiment.

A pannacotta is basically a flavoured cream set with gelatin. I didn't figure it would be difficult but wasn't sure about getting the proportions right. Surprisingly, the results were spot on. Here's my version.

Makes around 6 portions.


600ml beer, use one that is malty and not too hoppy (I used Stringers Porter 4.7%)
600ml double cream
300g dark brown sugar
8 leaves gelatin (check packet for exact amount for volume)


Soften gelatin in cold water or as per instructions on the packet. Put the cream, beer and sugar in a pan and heat through to dissolve the sugar. Bring gently to the boil. Check sweetness. Cool slightly. Remove softened gelatin from cold water and stir thoroughly into the hot liquid. Pour into moulds, cool and chill until set.

To turn out place mould in hot water for a second, put a plate on top and turn over giving a sharp shake.

And that is it!

I suspect if the liquid is allowed to cool more and then stirred before putting in the mould it will prevent settling out of the cream. I quite like the layered result.


Mark Dredge said...

Yum! And great timing too, I just logged on to look for a beer pannacotta recipe, nice one!

Anonymous said...

Beer and pannacotta - what's not to like?

Mark Dredge said...

Well, it was a great success! I made 4 with just cream, milk, sugar and vanilla and then I made 2 separate ones which I swapped the milk for Twaites Dark Mild and it was great! Plenty of room to experiment too by trying loads of different beers!

Unknown said...

Mark, excellent, glad to know it worked. I suspect the mild is a perfect choice.