Wednesday 2 September 2009

Pub Wedding

It's said that the answer to making a pub profitable is diversification. Now, I've written before about how that might not always be as easy as the arm chair observers like to prophesies. I have also reported on the progress of one attempt by us to diversify.

Today however I can report, at least for us, a success in diversification. We held a marriage ceremony here. We not only facilitated the happy couple's nuptials but we also fed and watered the guests. Everybody, including myself, are thrilled with the proceedings. Now I think I need to return to the bar where copious drinking is now progressing, responsibly of course.

Thanks is due to the couple who have yet to get married here, but whom are responsible for getting us off our arses and applying for the licence. We're looking forward now to their do in November.

Thanks must also be due to the cool people in the registrars office. I never thought I'd see myself praising officials, but these guys seem to have a very forward thinking, "how can we make this work" kind of an attitude. More officials could do with taking on that approach. The guys today knew how to make a serious and important ceremony run with a friendly and warm approach.

Finally, I should of course thank Kim and Jake, the bride and groom, for being such great people and making the service we supplied such a pleasure to deliver. We would like to wish them good luck in their future together.

When I get time I'll publish some proper pictures to the Inn's web site. For now it's easier to just use these accidentally anonymous photo's.

Update - OK, apparently the photo's here look voyeuristic and sinister - see the comments. Here's a real picture of the happy couple.


Adrian Tierney-Jones said...

The pix look like you have been spying on them, very sinister…

Unknown said...

I'd not seen it from that perspective Adrian. As it happens, I took loads of photos during the ceremony and the best ones I printed out and laminated whilst the restaurant was being reset for the dinner.

They were that thrilled that just after I posted this Jake insisted I used any that I liked for publicity - that's nice.

scottish wedding venue said...

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Paul Garrard said...

Do you have a Honeymoon Suite?
Add to that a few speed-dating nights and make yourself a on-stop-shop!

Unknown said...


Yes we do have a posh room for the happy couple. Double spar bath. I believe it's great fun to share it with the one you love. Not that I have time for that sort of carry-on you understand.

In fact, our very nice wedding party have stayed on for a couple of days after the wedding, including the bride and groom.

Damn nice people they are too.

kim said...

Hi Dave and Anne,

Kim and Jake here (last week’s bride and groom). Firstly just wanted to start by saying we received the photos you took yesterday. We absolutely love them, and they’re very professional, so thanks (once again).

Whilst we’re online, we thought we’d just add a sentence or two for all those possibly considering holding a wedding at the Woolpack Inn:

In helping us to plan our wedding Dave and Ann were flexible and accommodating. They went out of their way to ensure that it was a perfect day by, for example, photographing the ceremony and reception, and printing the photos so that they could be seen in the evening.

We chose the Woolpack Inn due to the stunning scenery. Out of the choice of two venues in the local area, the Woolpack Inn won our vote due to a fine selection of beers and a great menu, all of which lived up to our expectations.

We’d like to say a big thank you for the effort you both made, not just on the day, but for the week, which ensured that we, and our guests, had a great time. We would recommend the Woolpack Inn, not only to those considering a short break, but a wedding too!

All the best, and I’m sure we’ll see you at one of our anniversaries at some point in the future

Kim and Jake