Monday 7 September 2009

Lunch Time

OK, as promised, my lunch menu.

Today's Lunch Menu

To speed up service at lunch times and to provide a healthy quick snack we have our "Woolpacker Lunches", based on a Ploughman's. Available from 12.30 until 6pm or until our lovely home made bread runs out.

Quack n Oink
A rich tasty coarse Duck and Pork pate, served with homemade bread and red onion marmalade

Honey Roast Ham
Our own home honey roast ham, served with home made bread bun and Dave's chutney, fresh fruit and vegetables

Farmhouse Cheese
A piece of local organic farmhouse cheese from Low Sizergh Barn, served with home made bread bun and Dave's chutney, fruit and vegetables

Hot of the day
Hot dishes are served between 12:30 and 2:30

Crunchy Mixed Bean Casserole
A mix of pulses cooked al dente in a chilli tomato sauce with vegetables and potatoes
Sausage Casserole

"The best" Cumberland sausage cooked in our home made gravy with onions and potatoes

Beef in Hardknott Beer
Locally reared Cumbrian Beef, potatoes and vegetables in our own tasty beer gravy

Our lunch menu concentrates on doing a few things really well. We make all our own bread and chutney and the casseroles and stews are homemade from fresh ingredients.
This helps us to ensure you get your lunch quickly, even if we are busy, without compromising quality.

This also enables our chef/brewer to focus on brewing our own ale and providing our innovative evening cuisine.

We would strongly recommend a visit to us for our evening food if you are at all interested in something different. All dishes are unique to Dave’s kitchen. But beware, if it’s quiet he might decide to brew beer instead and close the kitchen, if it’s busy, you might not get in. So it’s always best to book.

The Woolpack Inn. Boot, Eskdale Valley. 019467 23230


OK, so some of the ploughman's contain meat. It confuses me too when I go off on one explaining about the cheese and forget to explain how delish the paté is, because I know that cheese is what is supposed to be on a Ploughman's. Despite being a confirmed carnivore, on this occasion cheese works best. But then I love cheese.

Now, go on then find fault, I know you will.


Curmudgeon said...

£5.95 actually isn't that bad for a Ploughman's nowadays. Depends how much you get, of course...

Sat In A Pub said...

It does indeed depend on how much you get. I've paid more than that locally and got some right crap.

Curmudgeon said...

The unashamedly up-market Brunning & Price chain tend to charge £8.50 or £9 for a ploughman's, but they are good.

Sat In A Pub said...

Yes I recently paid £5.75 locally and got a slice of apple, a bread roll and ONE piece of cheese. Glad to see the Woolpack does homeemade bread-If I can make it, anyone can.

Cooking Lager said...

Quite fancy the Crunchy Mixed Bean Casserole. Though would I get chucked out for asking for it cooked a bit more and not be crunchy?

Unknown said...

I'd like to think at £5.95 it's good value. We did work the margins out and you'd be surprised how little there is in it.

Unknown said...


Who said I'd even let you through the door?

Velky Al said...

Would it be possible to do a monster Ploughman's with a dollop of the pate, a couple of slices of ham and some of the cheese as well? That with a pint of something hoppy and about 4% ABV would make for a very pleasant lunch.

Anonymous said...

Having left a comment last time on the expense of the evening menu I'm pleased to say your lunchtime menu tickles the tastebuds massively and seems incredible value.