Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Beer Twittering

I joined twitter just about a month ago. I wasn't sure why. Within a few days I found out why. There are so many beery people on there twittering away. Sometimes it's even interesting. The down side of this is that twitter is taking a more of my on-line time at the expense of blogging. Fortunately, there is a new tweep1 to follow called @allbeernews. As I understand it, every time an important beer blogger posts it will "re-tweet" the fact, a nice link between beer blogging and beer tweeting. There might even be other intersting beer twitters.

My blog is included, apparently, so I suppose I should start following @allbeernews - you should too.

Right, the sun is shining, I'm going to get off my bum and enjoy it.

1a tweep is an identity in twitter, like a peep, it might be a real person, but sometimes its an automatic re-tweeter. At least that's my understanding. I'm still getting used to the new lingo.


dan cave said...

Always good to see another beery tweeter :o)


Brew Wales said...

@ukbeerbloggers has been doing the same thing for a while

Unknown said...

Thanks for that brewblogger, I didn't know that. But it's true, I just looked, and there I am! Just look at @ukbeerbloggers

The problem with @allbeernews is there are quite a lot of tweets, it seems.

Alistair Reece said...

I have been keeping myself away from Twitter, mainly because I am fairly sure that people couldn't give a flying fart about the bottle of beer I just opened, or that I am on my way to the pub.

I guess I am just not convinced that people are genuinely interested in the minutiae of my life.

Perhaps I am getting old before my time? I would find it irritatingly rude of people in the pub writing notes to people not there telling them what they were drinking, while the rest of the group has to put up with constant interruptions from a little piece of plastic which purports to connect people while breaking up the natural flow of friends in the pub.

I'll escort myself to the end of the bar and continue mumbling and muttering to myself now.

Unknown said...


Part of me agrees with you all the way. The same applies to people who spend all evening txting their mates in the pub. However, I've been to several events where beer tweeters, or whatever you call such people, have been present and they appear to avoid such antisocial behaviour.

But, I've just ordered a BlackBerry, so if you find me sinking to such depths, please drag me to your end of the bar and mutter at me please...

Brewers Union Local 180 said...

Blackberry - Humph!

If you would've answered your phone in the last few days I would've talked you out of it.