Thursday 5 February 2009

Being positive, my rod and staff.

OK, today I'm going to be positive.

Many days I enjoy the challenge and variety of the job I do. In the last month I have plastered two ceilings, piped up the bar, fitted new cubicles and a WC in the gents, repaired the burst pipes in the staff caravan, replaced the evaporator in the cellar cooler and brewed beer. At the weekend I became a chef for a short while and also conversed with nice customers. This week I ran a new cold water supply to the brewery, with Alan's help with the trench digging and today I've been fitting skirting boards. At the weekend I turn back into a chef for a while before next week demonstrating how brewing is done here.

Meanwhile, of course, there is the routine to do, answering the phone and taking bookings. Checking the prices on the till reflect the price increases from the suppliers. Trying to keep up with marketing and advertising. Checking the stock levels are satisfactory and ordering if not.

I enjoy this variety, although there have been specialists involved. For instance I used a refrigeration expert to remake the connection to the cellar evaporator, I could not do that myself. But being multi-skilled ensures things are done the way I want them done.

The problem with this is that with so much to do I could do with two of me. I've got Alan, who is very good at many things. I've got Ann, who is also good at many things, some things better than me. But we could still do with one more fantastically multi-skilled person. The trouble is we are remote and being remote doesn't suit everyone and so recruitment is difficult. Oh dear, that was nearly negative. Today, I'm going to be POSITIVE.

So, being positive, if I look at this economic downturn, there must be people out there who need work. Employing seasonal, foreign staff is OK, but hopefully I'll achieve my aims of employing one more British member of staff, full time. After all, a good pub is better with great staff.

So, would you like to work in a brew pub? Would you like the challenge of the variety of tasks to do in your job? Would you like to live in a beautiful, if rather remote part of the country?

If the answer is yes then check out our web site and email us. Hospitality wages are not great, but the rewards can be fantastic. You'll be surprised, it's not that bleak in winter at all.

The top picture is of the staff team we had last summer. Alan is still here, who you can see behind the bar. Despite looking a fearsome chap and supporting Manchester UTD, he's really a nice guy, when you get to know him. The rest are seasonal staff, all moving on to other things since. From left to right, Richard, Nan, Oya, Razvan, David and Christi. A great team, thanks guys. The bottom picture is of Harter fell yesterday. Today it looks just the same. Is there snow where you are?


Brewers Union Local 180 said...

"British member of staff"


Alistair Reece said...

You don't want to go admitting to wanting to employ British people, you'll have the EU down on you like a ton of bricks accusing you of protectionism and trying to start a trade war.