Sunday 14 December 2008

State side style

There seems to be a problem understanding how to make a lively pub scene. I am aware that as a licensee I have a biased viewpoint that can dilute the authority of my opinions. Having just been to Brussels and now being in Oregon I feel that we, in the UK are missing something very important, but I just can't put my finger on it.

Could it be the tied system? No you cry, that's not it.
Too much emphasis on cask ale and price of a pint? No, not that either, comes the chorus.
Anti-smoking, gastro, neo-prohibitionist, family friendly, consumer protection, public safety...........
I don't know, but something is different.
Our great pub culture is different to anywhere else. Perhaps this difference is the problem. But we don't want to loose it, quite rightly.
I feel we skirt around the issues rather than looking at it head on, and honestly. So come on, lets get the discussion going properly, and lets think outside the box rather than saying, "It's OK the way it is"

I'm here in snowy Oregon, in a nice little "Anglo-American Brew Pub" that apparently was inspired by the British Pub culture. Ted needs some more custom right now.
I need some writers inspiration. This trip is supposed to inspire me into working out what we could learn in the UK. I'm struggling to make sense of it so if the readers have suggestions than let's hear them.


Erlangernick said...

I've only been to England thrice, but have done significant GBG-driven pub exploration each time. There is something about good English pubs that is unique, in a very good way. But what is it, indeed?

And now the important question: How's the real ale there in that sleepy little Orygun town???

Paul Garrard said...

My experience of US bars selling cask has always been very good. There is a novelty factor of course, don't forget that, but I too feel something could be learned from what they do in the States. Can't say what though, although the service is ususally second to none!

Unknown said...

The beer here is excellent. But then I taught Ted everything he knows about brewing....... OK, maybe not everything, but quite a lot. Ted's beers are a lot like English beers rather than the OTT hoppy, high ABV stuff I've been sampling.

I'm currently helping him brew beer. A light rye mild.

I agree, we must be able to learn something, but I'm not sure what yet. Service IS important and is extremely good. This idea that all Americans are big and arrogant is simply not true.