Tuesday 2 December 2008

In Brussels

Well we're here, in Brussels, making our case that the Government are partly responsible for the problem of 36 pubs per week closing. The WIFI system in the hotel is giving low signal level so internet connection is not good.

I miss my Simons internet connection - it flies!

Hope this gets through though.

We sent out a press release on Saturday. That worked, we should be appearing on various local T.V. and radio as well as local papers over the next few days. Like I have said before, the issue of pubs closing HAS to be raised above that of binge drinking and alcohol related disorder. There are only a minority of licensed properties that cause the problems and the way the government are tackling the problems it will only be these places left before long. The problems occur in a few large night clubs, not community pubs, but the community pubs are the ones that suffer most by the actions of legislation.

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Tandleman said...

I agree. The powers to deal with this already exist. Shut a few of the known problem pubs and clubs down and the rest will fall into line.