Thursday, 11 December 2008

More than just a little miffed

Right now I should be in Portland enjoying a pint or six of some kind of West Coast blow-your-socks-off-with-hops beer. Sadly I'm stuck in Amsterdam, and as I have 4 children and Ann with me I can't even enjoy what this town is famous for.

It seems the NWA pilot and technical bods, couldn't get the plane to work. Ted reports, I think a little erroneously in his comment that it is the starter and solenoid. I'm afraid that I would have checked the leads, spark gap, points and perhaps firing angle before TDC.

After all WD40 is reet cheap at Woolworths now.

The beer today has been particularly crap. Having been up all day yesterday and setting off from Cumbria at 1am I hoped to get a couple times 20oz in before boarding the plane to help with some sleep. Sadly, the over-chilled smooth-flow did nothing to inspire. For the rest of the day I have suffered Heineken until tonight. At least the rather posh hotel that NWA has put us up in has some De Koninck which is significantly better.

TDC = Top Dead Center (Centre) you have to be particulaly old and sad to understand that.
We're booked on the same flight tommorow - snow threatens the landing, but hey, no snow, no skiing.


Brewers Union Local 180 said...

And I sit here all alone at the Green Dragon at 10:00 PM underwhelmed with this poorly kept, so-called olde [sic] ale. Perhaps I should head to the Horse Brass.

Damian said...

I seriously expected better in Holland but no-where is like Germany.

Unknown said...

I think Holland does have better beer, but like the world over it only exists in the right place. I did not expect to be in Amsterdam long enough to get out of the airport. When we did finally get out we had no time to get into the centre of town, so it's more the fault of NWA than the Netherlanders.