Monday, 10 August 2009

BrewDog mystery

I've just had a delivery. Great. But what is the mystery freebie 13th bottle? Has anybody else found the same in their BrewDog order?

All arrived safely, without any breakages. After reading reports of poor packaging used by the guys up in Scotland, I just wondered. Can't fault this delivery. I might have to start to consider stocking them. After I've tried them out for quality, of course.

If I had a grumble, it would be the 10 days between ordering and delivery. I gather that might be a demand problem. Victims of their own success? Actually, the spare bottle might be a kind of apology because they had to substitute part of the order due to low stock. Either way, it's always nice to get a little extra you didn't expect - thanks lads.


Moggy said...

It seems a few people have had that in their order, it looks like their new prototype beer, can't wait to hear what it tastes like.

a pint of Brewdog after a long walk in the hills would be awesome!

Anonymous said...

They say it's a new prototype, there is supposedly one on its wayt om me, too!

Dubbel said...

A brand new hoppy, red ale by all accounts. I'm looking forward to trying it from the cask this coming weekend.

Barm said...

I wrote about it here. Not sure it's one of their best, but it's certainly very nice if you like hops.

Cooking Lager said...

Doesn't look like Carlsberg Export, thats for sure

Woolpack Dave said...

Cooking, you're back, yippie!!

Strange how you were away for just about the duration of the GBBF. Did you enjoy it?