Thursday 18 July 2013

The Apprentice - The Final

I often get asked by the local media to comment on stuff to do with beer. It seems now to have migrated to celebrity "entrepreneurs" - this time it was the final of The Apprentice.

I don't get on with reality TV. But the North West Evening Mail are good to me with regard to PR, so when they ask me to write, I feel the need to help out. So I watched the program with reluctance.

My response was a little scathing. Sorry if you are a fan. It was Alex's eyebrows that properly got to me.

Anyway, read my full assessment here.


Jake said...

Your comments about "building a brand" were spot on. It reminded me of the recent article I read about Punch Taverns and SIBA teaming up to offer different beers in rotation in pubco retail outlets. Sorry, pubs. A Punch spokesperson said "For those SIBA Brewers with bigger ambitions, this is a great way of testing their brands outside their traditional heartlands". Beers, Punch. Beers. Not brands. The beers do the talking, the brand gains trust if the beer's good.

Cooking Lager said...

I liked the article. You should do more TV reviews. But only if the show is shit, I don't want to hear you liked something you watched.

How about a weekly roundup of Emmerdale Farm?