Thursday 8 July 2010

Getting stuff to market

I think it started about September last year. I brewed a stout, sort of as an experiment, and put it into a whisky cask, why not? Later, I came up with a name and defence of my methods, which I thought to be fine and careful. I also made a barley wine, breaking the 10% barrier, which I know is nothing exceptional, but I was pleased it worked. The outputs of these processes are a few hundred, limited edition, hand bottled, naturally conditioned beers. They are special and should be priced highly, especially as I've already given far too many away in the hope that a few good bloggers will say nice things, which generally they did.

Having told my story about how I've made the beers my readers have harangued and harassed me to give them the ability to buy them. People have even offered to send me money and everything, but I didn't really want the hassle of taking orders, here and there, taking payments a bit at a time and packing and dispatching. Other people do that so very expertly. Instead we have negotiated an exclusive deal, which obviously resulted me in cutting my own throat on price,1 with the ever trusty who now have our products available for you to buy.

Now, a word of warning; we currently only have about half the stock2 left for these two bottlings. We haven't started on the 2010 version yet. I'm hopeful we will start soon on the next batch, but it is likely the current stock will run out before this years batch is ready. I'd snap them up quick, after all, they are fairly rare. will remain the only place to get our beers on-line, at least for now. The Wine Yard, Bare, Bacchanalia in Cambridge, UtoBeer and Open All Hours in Keswick all stock our products in their shops.


1Honest, would I lie to you?
2In Whitehaven, for years, there was a man selling the local evening news. He stood there every night with a pile of papers nearly as high as himself, proclaiming at the top of his voice, "Not many left now!" He might still be there for all I know.
But really, truly, there are only 16 out of 38 cases of Æther Blæc and 20 out of 42 cases of Granite left.


Cooking Lager said...

Even at £5.35 (=13 cans of Carling) I'm tempted to abandon the principles and values of cheap lout appreciation. Great to see your grog shifting, fella.

Alistair Reece said...

Any plans yet for the extra merchandise that seems to be de rigeur these days? HardKnott t-shirts? Branded glassware? Mats? Bar towels?

Leigh said...

Yes dave, Kudos. Will pick some up - look lovely. I'm sure they will taste good, too.

Brewers Union Local 180 said...

I popped into the Bier Stein and still couldn't find it.

Tandleman said...

"I've already given far too many away in the hope that a few good bloggers will say nice things"

I didn't get any. Clearly I'm not a good blogger!

Jeff Pickthall said...

Get brewing more as a matter of urgency!

Unknown said...

Cookie, as you are clearly a good blogger I should send you some I guess.. But stocks are low. Now, I think I have a spare Infra Red, but it is quite pongy, do you think you could cope?

Al, there are plans for all sorts of things, but Rome wasn't built in a day and all that.

BUL180, I think the reply would be the same as for Al.

Tandleman, now then, of course you are a good blogger, but I don't think I have your mailing address.....