Wednesday 7 July 2010

Brewers objects of beauty No3.5 - spray head detail

Seeing as I've been asked; here is a couple of detailed pictures of the mash wetter from the previous Brewers objects of beauty.

The spray head is made from a carefully flattened piece of 15mm copper pipe. Yes, I know I've talked about not using copper in the brewery, but it's only hot liquor at this point and not particularly reactive. I suspect I could improve the design here as the coanda effect causes less of a spread of the spray than I expected. Still, it works.

The idea is that the angle of the main shoot is arranged to allow the grist to fall past the spray head on the opposite side of the shoot. The water spray and the grist stream both hit the turn in the pipe and mix at this point.

1 comment:

mentaldental said...

Thanks for posting that! So in effect the mixing is done by the change in direction of the grist and liquor as it hits the bend?

The spray head is very simple (and there is nothing wrong with that!) and I guess you can think of several "improvements" but if, as you say, it works then why make thing more complicated?