Saturday 21 November 2009

In the line of duty

My experiences of the emergency services in the 6 years we've been here have been extremely good. The ambulance service can't half get here quick when it's a proper life or death call. The Mountain Rescue are far more tolerant of the numpties who get themselves in the wrong valley than I am. The police, who sometimes come in for unfortunate criticisms, do an excellent job around here. We've been affected by far more than our fair share of criminal activity here and the police have been exemplary in their handling of every event. When we need their help they respond brilliantly and when everything is running smoothly they don't trouble us.

I have a strong regard for our justice system. Innocent until proven guilty being a cornerstone. The more heinous the crime the more certain the evidence has to be. Despite knowing some of the people who have committed crimes against us, the police and ourselves are frustrated by the the fact that evidence is not strong enough to enable the CPS to press charges. At best the charges are less severe than the crime deserves. My experience of the police is that they have a tough job.

We are a relatively sparsely populated county. People know each other and there is a lot of knowing-people-who-know-people. Yesterdays event's in West Cumbria left people I know in difficulties that I wish they had been spared.

The tragedy that befell PC Bill Barker needs no more words from me. However, there is a facebook group where you can leave condolences. It might help his wife and children.


Tandleman said...

A very considered and considerate piece Dave. Good luck to everyone in the affected areas.

The tragedy of Bill Barker needs no more words from me.

BeerReviewsAndy said...

Nicely put Dave, our thoughts are with his friends and family!

Tandleman said...

Ooops. My final para quoting you Dave should of course had "either" at the end.

Anonymous said...

Well said Dave.


Anonymous said...

The more heinous the crime the more certain the evidence has to be.

As a general rule, the standard of proof is the same for all criminal offences, irrespective of gravity.