Friday, 30 October 2009

Just playing around

I'm going to be away next week. Actually, I'm going on a course to hone my brewing skills. I'll be in deepest, darkest Mackem1 land, so have some pity.

It would be nice to know how to post to blogger on the move but I am failing to get our ancient laptop to accept my BlackBerry as a modem. This is a test post from email. No safety net. Post without edit. Hope it is OK.

The pic here is just our bar. As you can see, nothing much happens here when it gets close to winter.


1Mackem is the slang for anything to do with Sunderland and surrounding areas. My better half is from there and also the local football team has stood up fairly well against both the Mancs and Scousers lately so I'm gaining a little affinity to the area.


Brewers Union Local 180 said...

You've shuffled furniture around a little.

What's that fourth fountain on the bar?

Unknown said...

Research last winter, in an interesting far off land, gave me ideas for furniture. There should be more to come.

The quality keg products on the bar are: Flesburger, a German lager, Lindeboom a very good Dutch pilsner, Kriek, of course and finally Blanche Du Bruxelles a very nice Belgian wheat.

Stonch said...

There was an episode of Balderdash and Piffle about the word Mackem. The earliest written use of the word they could find was in a fanzine report written about a darts match between exiled Newcastle and Sunderland fans at The Gunmakers in Clerkenwell, London (my pub!). The guy who wrote it (he appeared in the programme) still drinks here sometimes.