Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Dog Tired

Firstly an apologies to my Twitter followers who noticed my silence. My BlackBerry appears to have been stolen by an opportunist thief so my journey back home was somewhat lonely. I actually could have tweeted when I got home midday but didn't think that everybody would miss me as much as it seems they did. It's so nice to know people care and missed my tweets.

My camera and laptop remained strapped to my body. I'm glad because I still have the pictures of the party

Of course for those who don't know, I have been in London to give the management of BrewDog my thoughts on their corporate strategy. As the very first "ordinary B" shareholder I feel it is my duty to ensure my investment is being well looked after. A grand party was had at The Bishop of Norwich. I'm not going to say much more just now as I have some more sleep to catch up on. For various reasons I slept no more than around a total of 5 hours between Monday morning and today midday.

I have one very important observation to make - echoed by other people at the BrewDog event. We expected James and Martin to be as audacious as their beer and perhaps they are. But this recklessness and ambitiousness does not result in the brash, overconfident and arrogant personalities some might imagine. These guys are incredibly friendly and have a real measure of humbleness that neatly balances their imaginative business drive. OK, maybe I have to say that seen as I am now a small part of what they are doing.

I'm sure I'll have more to say soon on BrewDog's ambitious plans, meanwhile Mark has posted his own thoughts. Interesting Mark has better literary imagination than me, but I always did OK at sums - I'll be giving some more thoughts on the money side of things in days to come.