Thursday 21 May 2009

Zipping along

Thanks for your patience. I've not posted for a while due to these nice people called customers. We have had quite a few excellent ones recently. My customers clearly come before my blog, mainly because most customers are very happy to exchange the service we provide for their hard earned cash. All the more reasons to give them the time of day.

A down side of having customers is that they tend to drink beer. I have a pile of amassing casks outside that once had beer in them. With a Bank Holiday, again, and half term far too closely followed by a beer festival, I guess I'd better get some beer in them.

Today is brew day.

Some time ago I found a bottle of beer in my cellar, it was really scrummy. I later found out that I had previously met the brewer and he was only too pleased too let me have the recipe. Today I'm going to try and brew a West Coast USA IPA. I might have to tone it down just a touch so as not to cripple the UK pallet with alpha acids or put drinkers off completely with an ABV that "isn't a session beer" strength. But then again.......

Of course, I have the problem of converting some ancient and long ago disused units of measure: The pound and the ounce. Apparently, brewers still use them over there.


Jeff Pickthall said...

Don't tone it down!

Let me know when it's ready!

Unknown said...

Don't worry Jeff. It's got an OG of 1064 and the full amount of hops. Cascade and Centennial. There's a decent amount of crystal malt as well, which might confuse people "That's got too much colour for an IPA!" I can hear them now. The wort tastes good, providing it doesn't dry out too much in fermentation it should be fantastic. Oh, and it's to be dry hopped yet.

It should be ready for our beer festival, 6th June. We should get a stack of "Hops and Glory" to sell alongside it, seeing as the book is launched a couple of days before.