Thursday, 21 May 2009

Mash(x)ed out

The maximum grain bill to have got into my mash tun previously was 91kg. This was achieved by some Crazy American Brewer back on 28th May 2007. The resultant beer was called Colonial Anniversary(5.6%) due to it being said brewers wedding anniversary, if I remember correctly. He was, in my brewery, 8 time zones away from his wife - that's dedication for you. It was also nearly exactly 12 months since this gentleman stumbled on our humble hostelry. A double anniversary.

Today I got 102.5Kg1 in my mash tun, I don't think I could go much more without the sparge arm fouling on the mash. This should result in a beer that is over 6% ABV. The 3kg of hops might just be right, I reckon.

I think, at some time in the past, I promised to post my water analysis figures. I've just found them:
Appearance: Clear colourless liquid(!) free from suspended and sedimented solids.
PH Value 5.22
Calcium as Ca 1.6ppm
Magnesium as Mg 2.4ppm
Carbonate as CO3 2.4ppm
Sulphate as SO4 1.02ppm
Chlorine as Cl 5.4ppm
Nitrate as NO3 2.5ppm
Alkilinity as CaCO3 4ppm
Total Hardness 14ppm

1The recipe calls for 245lbs 7oz of grain. I'm actually quite close. Oh, and thanks Roger for helping our again. I seem to remember it was an Oregon inspired beer that we needed you help with last time.


Benj said...

Is the beer that you made based on the West Coast IPA from Green Flash Brewing? I followed your link about the bottle of beer, but I couldn't find the reference to the American beer.

Unknown said...

Thanks Benjy. It turns out that I'm rubbish. The correct link is here.

The details of the beer are in the comments.

Doh! I'll correct the original post as well.

Tim said...

Hi Dave,
What volume do produce per batch?

It looks like about 3 barrels from the size of your tun.

Whorst said...
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Whorst said...

Dave, is this the pH out of the water out of the tap, or of your grist? No offence, but this water doesn't seem fit for brewing. Seriously lacking in calcium, sulfates, chloride and carbonates.
Please advise.

Unknown said...

Tim, 9 firkins on a good day or 2 1/4 barrels. I could produce 3 barrels of a session ale from the mash tun, but my fermenters are only 2.5 max but then I need space for sediment and head, hence 2.25bb

Sausage, you are right, very, very soft. I add 360gms of something called DWB from Murphy & Sons which is an all in one treatment. The PH is that from the tap. I was concerned about the high acidity but apparently it's OK once the liquor treatment is added.

I do know a brewer who doesn't add any liquor treatment, apparently. He might have a higher PH but his water will be just as soft. He makes a really nice strong dark beer.

Brewers Union Local 180 said...

Tanninbomb took 295 lbs. (133 Kg) before hitting the sparge arm. O.G. was 1.064. ABV was 6.2%.

It's a shame I have to use the word "was".

Unknown said...

BUL180, you could always brew it again.....