Thursday, 21 May 2009

Worts and all

I like brew day. It's my excuse for not being able to do anything else. There is the fact that it's hot, dirty and backbreaking at times, but there are other times when all you can do is wait. Like right now.

I took some pictures while waiting for the sparge to finish. I set the camera on 1600ASA and forced the flash, just so I could see the wort frozen in time as it falls into the copper. It amused me, so I thought I'd share these pictures with you.

I'm waiting for the water to reheat so I can get another brew done before the day is done. I have to wait a while, so blogging time again.

I'm going to brew my ginger ale next, Woolly Fusion. Both of these beers should be ready for the beer festival in just over two weeks time. Hope to see you here.


Jeff Pickthall said...

Put your beery photographic art on the Guild's group on Flickr.

Damian said...

How do I get hold of some Wooly Fusion?

Woolpack Dave said...

Damian, I'm afraid there is only one real way to get any of my beers. Come to my pub when they are on the bar. Unfortunately, due to our remote location and very small brew runs, oh, and the fact that brewing is only one of a number of roles I have here, selling outside the property is just not viable.

All my beers will be on, at some point in time, for our beer festival, 4 - 7th June.

Damian said...

I cannot make the festival. I'll note it for next year.