Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Suffer the little children!!

There has been a significant change to the pub industry over the last 30 years which might be part of the industry's problem. Unruly children spoil the perfect pint.

Well I think this is a perfect example of why pubs need to differentiate. Some pubs can be, and should be child friendly. Some pubs like us are happy to have well behaved children in them but make it clear that it is an adult environment and certain rules apply. Maybe more pubs should be able to be "adult only".

I do not agree with the attitude of some customers "We've put £xx.xx over the bar we can behave exactly how we wish".

There is, I would agree, a problem with customer care across some parts of the industry. But it cuts both ways. There is also a reduction in the respect for pubs, staff and licensee compared to 20+ years ago.

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