Friday, 17 October 2008

More on perspective

When you look around blogs, it's interesting how tied up people get about other peoples views. I can be the same, I have a perspective, as everybody does.

What is interesting is the denial that when views are significantly opposing, both sides are going to want to put their view.

For example there is Jeff Pickthalls blog which is tending to give the slightly, or maybe very, right of center political view. Perhaps slightly biased, but a valid view point non the less.

Then there is Stonch's blog which is appearing to be slightly left of center - I may misunderstand this but anything that says "The unfolding crisis of global capitalism doesn't seem to be slowing down the pub trade" has to have a slightly lefty bias by the mention of capitalism in a derogatory way.

One observation is that all the people who say CAMRA is not a slightly left of center organisation are obviously very left of center themselves. For them CAMRA is just fine, right where it should be, confirming the slightly left position that CAMRA seem to exude and therefore proving Jeff Picthall's point.


Jeff Pickthall said...

Please don't presume I possess an intrinsically right of centre nature. That's not something I've ever professed. What I do claim is that I am naturally quite sceptical.

The Woolpack Inn said...

I'll try not to presume. I would like to think others won't. Unfortunately there seems to be some that have already. Sorry if I was one of them or have contributed to making other people presume.

Scepticism though is good, providing it doesn't make you bitter and hateful.

The debate is a good one. I'm suprised though at the apparent hostility as your points are very valid.