Thursday 7 April 2016

Distracted by something that exists

So, craft beer doesn't exist eh?

Well, we call our beer craft, and it certainly does exist.

There are people who like to call their beery retail outlets craft beer bars. I know of quite a few that certainly exist. They often sell cask beer too, and generally do not sell the sort of ubiquitous mess-produced crap that we all want to fight against. They do sell keg beers, and can often be a lot more down with the kids that more traditional pubs.

I've been talking behind the scenes with a nice man called Oliver Brooks. He's been tapping my brain for ideas to do with setting up a micro-pub. Finally this year he got his ideas, and some of mine, up and running. It's called Tapster's Promise and it's in Colne, Lancashire. My reward for helping in a really very tiny way was for him to order some beer from me. I like people who buy my beer.

I like what he has done. It's small enough to be intimate and friendly1 but probably just about big enough to make sense. He's variously calling it a micro-pub or a craft beer bar. I guess I don't really care, but it definitely exists.

We've just heard that right now they have our stunning Azimuth IPA on keg, as well as Dark Energy. And just to be properly inclusive, Oliver has also got a cask of Continuum, reportedly tasting very tasty.

Good job I don't live in Colne, else he'd rob back all the money I got off him for my beer.


1This seems to be a trend that isn't mentioned often, but I think quite relevant to the craft beer thing. People like people. It is one of the things that is noticeable for craft breweries generally, the fact that there are people that the fan can find

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Curmudgeon said...

Hmm, I wouldn't say I wanted to fight against "ubiquitous mess-produced crap". There are times when it's a better bet than rare, artisanal crap ;-)