Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Budweiser's Back-Handed Compliment

I like this, a big nod to the Craft Beer Explosion from a big nasty Macro Brewer.

This is much better than the Theakston's advert, which I also quite liked.

On the other hand, as pointed out in the comments below, there is a humorous retort from the American Craft Beer scene. My friends at Brewers Union 180 are part of that.


Brewers Union Local 180 said...

Did you see the spoof? We're in it. Twice.

Cooking Lager said...

I like the Bud advert. It sums up what most people think of beer.

Martin said...

I know I'm being very subjective here, but I think this advert is irresponsible.
It's essentially 'information overload', claiming it's not one thing [i.e. 'beer to be fussed over'] while making a big fuss about its history [through images, of all things...] and a musical beat... It has no taste, so nothing else to advertise apart from - oh, why am I bothering?
I love basically every Hardknott beer I've had. F$$$ 'bud' and the rest of them. Happy be the days when Dave has an ad like this all over the place.

Unknown said...

BUL180, I still think you should get some Angram beer engines. None-the-less, that's a cool spoof. I'm putting it into the main post.

Cookie, yes, that's part of the point isn't it? Macro-brewed beer drinkers will in the main carry on drinking macro-brewed beer. We shouldn't worry. The add, if anything, is good for Bud, but also good for those of us Bud are taking the piss out of.

Martin, thanks. Again, whilst there are people like you about, who care about the beers they drink, supporting brewers like us, the world is a great place. Don't worry about what they do, we just need to worry about what we do. But the advert shows they worry about what we do. We're winning.

Jeff Pickthall said...

I don't like the look of that bottled dishwater at 0:55.

Stonch said...

Wasn't even aware of the advert until I read this post - really enjoyed it and agree with sentiments it expressed. However my response to it would not be to drink tasteless, big brand lager. It just reminds me why I choose truly great beers I can drink everyday from quality brewers large and small, as opposed to fussy, experimental and overly expensive brews from microbrewers too keen to label themselves as "craft".

An Anonymous Boozer said...

Why does the craft spoof of the Budweiser advert end with two bottles of 'Ruby Zozzle' (apparently 'fizzy grapefruit wine') being placed in centre shot rather than actual, you know, craft beer?