Monday 26 January 2015


It's still January. Don't worry, there isn't much of it left. You can all come out of your self-inflicted, miserable, demoralising de-tox programs soon, and life can get back to it's cheerful norm.

We've been busy. Very, very busy indeed. We should have some really exciting news before long. We are told that three of our beers, Azimuth, Code Black and Infra Red into a major national supermarket really soon. Looks like around a doubling of our machine throughput. Best get the cogs of that bottling machine greased and some more hops and malt ordered.

Last week we got to Manchester Beer and Cider festival. It was good to catch up with people there. In particular the guys behind the Tryanuary initiative. It is good to see some real enthusiasm in January, when so much of the world is looking down and miserable.

Keep up the good work guys, sorry I didn't get a link on here sooner.

Meanwhile we can look forward to an enjoyable year as we start to approach spring. It makes me wonder what good it does to have self-inflicted abstinence in January, when we are already suffering the withdrawal of the fun of Christmas. Surly we should just get ourselves down to the pub and have a couple of pints to relax.


StringersBeer said...

That's great news Dave. Do you have to supply your own lube?

Unknown said...

think I see what you did there, Stringers.

Well, obviously, to grease up the bottling line, yes, we buy our own food grade grease and oil. Otherwise affectionately known in the brewery as "edible lube"

As for contracts with supermarkets, no, I prefer to try to shaft them dry.

Martin said...

Three fantastic beers!