Saturday 8 November 2014

Brewery Arts Centre beer dinner Kendal

A beer dinner, in a place that used to be a brewery? In the place I've been many times and enjoyed various musical delights, for possibly as many as 30 years? A chance to stand in front of about 50 people and talk about my beers matched with some really truly stunning food?

No brainer really.

And so it was, a couple of months ago, Ann and I sat with Ged, the Brewery Arts Centre chef, and choose the beers to go with his superb food. I'm really looking forward to this.

It will be happening this coming Thursday, 13th November.

You can book tickets on-line here. But hurry, I believe it is nearly sold out.

I'm just off to make the Eisalloy Ice Cream.

Here's the menu;

Course 1
Bury Black Pudding, Kirkham’s Lancashire Cheese Hash Brown & Caramelised Red Onion
Served with Azimuth 5.8%, Hardknott’s stunning IPA, flavours of peach and nectarines with spring gorse nose and a good lasting bitterness.
Course 2
Warm Pulled Gressingham Duck, Smoked Bacon, Rocket Leek Salad
Served with Colonial Mayhem, a cheeky 8.1% “Colonial Mild” toffee, and caramel flavours, fruity figs and gentle finish.
Course 3
A Cup of Celeriac Soup                                       
Served with Lux Borealis 3.8%, crisp and refreshing colsch stlye beer.
Course 4
Venison Steak
Raspberries, Apricots in a Rich Red Wine Sauce with Fondant Potato
Served with Gordian Knott 6.2%, resinous and citrus with a balance of malt
Course 5
Herdwick Roulade of Lamb                                          
Minced Lamb with Rosemary, Rolled in Pastry, White Wine Shallot Sauce on Buttered Cabbage
Served with Infra Red 6.2%, roast root vegitables in the full on body with a balance of orange note and strong lasting bitterness.
Course 6
Eisalloy Icebock Ice Cream with Chilli Shortbread Biscuit
Served with Rhet III 12.4% – Sichuan peppercorn and green tea infused pale
Course 7
Kendal Creamy & Westmorland Smoked Cheddar Cheese with Fruit Chutney
Served with Granite 2013 13.2% - Our vintage barley wine made every year. Bitter toffee, bananas, boozy and just a hint of spice in the finish

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