Thursday, 9 May 2013

The Apprentice

I never watch The Apprentice. I really don't care for this sort of none reality "reality TV" - it's false, contrived and in this case a poor representation of real business.

However, I do like our local paper, The North West Evening Mail and it's company, CN News, who also publish an on-line business magazine They often ask me for copy, or comment, which I am always happy to give for free in return for a little bit of publicity. It's a nice partnership.

I was contacted yesterday and asked if I would watch last night's episode of The Apprentice, as it was about beer, and be prepared to comment, apparently I know a little bit about beer. I was happy to help out, although I knew I would hate the experience. I was right.

See what I thought by reading the article.

If you missed the program you can watch it on iPlayer


Cooking Lager said...

That's a rather long winded way of saying "I thought it was shit"

rabidbarfly said...

Make sure you've taken your blood pressure meds before watching!

Anonymous said...

Excellent analysis, Dave, and makes me even gladder I didn't watch the programme.

Martyn Cornell

Unknown said...

I don't normally watch, but a lot of comments on twitter made me. Worst part of it was the suggestion you can make a flavoured beer by adding a couple of drops to a 25l keg (where did that beer go? Does bottling at Banks come from kegs?).

James IMO missed a massive opportunity to bang the drum for genuine, non-chemically made flavours.

Tandleman said...

James was a laugh. I thought he fitted in well with his ready smile, empathy for his fellow man and very light hearted approach.

He stole the show.

Benjamin Nunn said...

James was being a disingenuous self-promoter as usual.

'Martin and I were just brewing for fun at weekends before we started up commercially'.

Err... Martin was brewing professionally at Thornbridge and making quite an impact in the beer world.

'We didn't like ANY of the beers that were available in this country'

What, none of them? Not even the ones Martin himself was brewing at Thornbridge?!?

'I don't like stupid beer names '

Yes, beer should have sensible names like 'Tactical Nuclear Penguin' and 'Hello My Name is Ingrid'...

The man's total twattery is dwarfed only by his enormous ego and his abject contempt for those who helped him get where he is today.