Wednesday 31 October 2012

More progress

I've been quiet, at least on my blog. There has been a lot going on, and there is still a lot to do.

Some time ago I announced that we had been awarded a grant to help us expand. The project is now well underway and really we are only waiting for delivery of the bottling machine. Our new tanks arrived a less than three weeks ago and are now mostly full of wort, conditioning beer or some similar liquid that will at some point in time become beer.

You will also all know of my involvement with a Samsung TV advert, which is now being aired. Look out for it, apparently it tends to go in the commercial breaks in the like of X-Factor, I'm sure the reader can imagine my thoughts on that.

Samsung – We Are David Bailey from Rokkit on Vimeo.

Anyway, here's an on-line version, in case you don't get X-Factor. See if you can spot me, I am there.

We've also been in Italy, promoting our beer out there. We were invited by Ales and Co, who look after our beer in Italy, to go along to Salone Del Gusto. This was a massive, and I really do mean massive, food and drink exhibition. Far too much fun was had by all.

The most bizarre foodstuff we ate was in a restaurant in the centre of Turin. This seemed to specialise in strange and unusual dishes that included tripe, brains and spinal cord. If that wasn't enough to put us off, we were told that one pile of squid looking offal was, in fact, uteri. I'm still trying to convince myself that it was squid, otherwise I feel I may have gained a taste for uteri.

Several other breweries were represented including Black Isle, Summer Wine and BrewDog. You might recognise notable brewery personnel in the picture.

Whilst we were in Italy we also got to see our new bottling machine, finished and ready to ship to the UK. Cool.

And there was the small matter of a four day holiday to fit in too. I love The Alps and the great outdoors. It's been about 5 years since we got to use our passports so this was very much a necessary indulgence.

Now, I must get back to work, we have a bottling machine to commission.


beersiveknown said...

Good to see things progressing well, looking forward to the fruits of your labours becoming available!

Yvan Seth said...

Ooo... nice looking bottling doohickey, and more capacity to keep it busy :) excellent!