Friday, 8 June 2012

Photo Competition

It occurs to me that some of the people who enjoy our beer very definitely buck the idea that beer drinkers are unhealthy podgy people who can't be bothered to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. I could list everyone who springs to mind, but it's too long a list to include here. There are a couple of people who have even taken the time to cart a bottle or two up a mountain and photograph it in all it's splendour. I can't think of a better backdrop for one of our beers than some majestic mountain view, be it from the pub beer garden or atop that hill you've just struggled up.

One such trouper is Yvan Seth who regularly drops by the brewery to pick up beer, or drop off empties, whilst visiting our area on a walking expedition.

He was here very recently and as he's been doing such a great job in getting beer around the country the least we could do was let him have some beer.

Off he went and took pictures of it in various great locations
It struck me that the best pictures of The English Experiment have actually been taken in Scotland. Alex Salmond, eat your heart out.

Yvan has also taken some on top of a New Zealand mountain, however, the record this end has been lost in my twitter timeline somewhere......

I'm sure Yvan will send it me again.

Another, more local walker/photographer is a guy called Adam, who has been partly responsible for getting our town a decent beer outlet. Tweeting as @BearOnThSquare he sent me a picture from the top of Pavey Ark in The Lake District.

I really like all these pictures and hope to build up a collection.

To help me find more pictures I have been thinking for a while of running a competition. So, today I'm doing something about it. If you would like to receive a mixed case of our beer and have, or would like to take some pictures of our beer in unusual locations, you can email them to dave at

Get snapping!!


Rules, we don't really believe in rules, but best make some up anyway.

By sending us your picture you permit the use of your work by Hardknott. All credit will be given to the originator of the work. You will retain copyright and will be free to use the photography as you feel fit for any other purpose.
To enable us to assign credits please include all information regarding the originator of the work.
To enable us to send out any prizes full postal address must be included.
Although we encourage entries from all parts of the world, please note that we can only guarantee shipping beer prizes to UK mainland addresses.
Hardknott reserves the right to assign prizes as it sees fit, or to not issue any prizes should no entry be deemed suitable.
Winners will be announced on this blog and a selection of worthy mentions may also be included.


Anonymous said...

so where can I get your beer in Australia so I can take a couple of award winning snaps?

Yvan Seth said...

The New Zealand shots were taken on the Keppler Track down in Fiordland. Some atop Mount Luxmore (1472m) in gale force winds! And some more at the Luxmore Hut - posh "camping" they have down in NZ. They feature Code Black and Colin the colossal squid - who we picked up at Te Papa museum in Wellington. Photos here:

On top of Mount Luxmore (1)

On top of Mount Luxmore (2)

At Luxmore Hut

We took some UK beers down to NZ to share with any beery folk we met there - but couldn't resist drinking the Code Black ourselves in the end!

I'm sure any half decent photography geek out there can beat my simple snaps! I know there are quite a few in beer geek circles. (Anyway, I'd surely rule myself out as having too close an association with the brewery... ;) Reminds me, we hopefully have another beer festival coming up in September...

Unknown said...


Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge, Yvan is the only person who has transported our beer south of the equator. We do hope to improve on that situation sometime soon, but exporting is no simple matter.


I'd like to think that we have a close relationship with much of our customer base. I think it would be churlish to omit you from the running.

Of course, we want as many entries as possible, so I don't want to give anyone the impression you might get favourable attention either.

Thanks for posting those NZ pics again. I was annoyed with myself for loosing the links.

Unknown said...

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