Tuesday 1 March 2011

Proud of Beer

We recently joined SIBA.

I'm sure I could find a reason to make some publicity out of how I felt I had to and it's just a business choice. Some folks might. Actually, it was a combined effort of a lot of people who convinced me it was the right thing to do. I'm glad we did join.

And today, well, good job well done. We're proud of beer at Hardknott. We're proud to now be part of an organisation that is doing something.

And I'm proud of that top bloke Pete Brown and all the cast of the film.

Proud of British Beer from Society of Independent Brewers on Vimeo.

OK, yeah, perhaps you could critique it's style. But really, is there anything out there that does anything like as good a job? Could you make a film that goes anywhere near it? If so, why haven't you done it?


StringersBeer said...

By Jingo, it makes a chap proud to be <strike>British</strike> a brewer. Did I miss BrewDog? Where were they?

Unknown said...

BrewDog guys were probably too busy I guess.

StringersBeer said...

Yeah, they probably just rounded up a bunch of people with time on their hands.

Brewers Union Local 180 said...

Someone did one just like that here last year, but I couldn't find it. Found these others with that similar pride theme and the heart-stirring music in the background.



Tandleman said...

Any chance of SIBA saving the Ark Royal then?

Cooking Lager said...

Keep that upper lip stiff everyone.

Neville Grundy said...

Good to see them fighting back, although the use of Holst was possibly a little OTT, but if it helps get the message across ...

StringersBeer said...

FWIW, and apologies to everyone who knew already, the "heart stirring" music that the US Craft brewers use is Hoppipolla (I think) from those Icelandic jokers Sigur Ross.

How does this send a different message from that piece of Holst. Discuss.

dredpenguin said...

Good Stuff Dave yes the acting is at time wooden but that is not the point..the message is important and job done SIBA.

Holst = Traditional.
Sigur Ross = Modern.
Is this what you were getting at?

One thing, I'm surprised that you have only just joined SIBA, Any reason you did not join when you started up.

StringersBeer said...

Mr dredpenguin, this bit of Holst does indeed come over "traditional", but there's more than that. It's a bit "Heritage" and "patriotic" not to say "nationalistic". This is discussed a little more over here.

It's interesting that the US Craft types didn't feel the need to use "american" music, and that they're comfortable with something "modern". So, by contrast, are we saying that we're rather backward looking and jingoistic in our "pride"?

But you know, it's just some music. Isn't it?

Leigh said...

I. Like. It. that is all, really. Who cares about the 'acting' - not really the point. My only gripe - and it really is just being pedantic - there's not many Northern brewers on it? Just seems to get to Burton and stop? However, it's needed, and useful.

Unknown said...

I believe it was Elgar, not Holst.

I didn't choose the music and I'm not sure it's the best choice. Sigur Ros are one of my favourite bands but (a) Hoppipolla has been on absolutely every inspiring film in the world since 2006 and (b) budget simply prevented usage of any music by a current band.

As for geographic spread - we had ten days to shoot it in. We did as many locations in that time as we could, and got as many brewers as we could in Burton. It would have been better with a month to shoot, but we had to get what we could in the time available, and I think we got pretty representative spread.

StringersBeer said...

P.B. it's Holst. Not Elgar. And who said they should have used Hoppipolla? I believe it would have been nice to use something forward-looking and less-predictable. But that wouldn't have fitted the style of the piece.