Tuesday 8 December 2009

Heard it on the radio

I sent out a press release yesterday. BBC Radio Cumbria are almost always the first people to respond to these things. Today was no different. Hopefully they will excuse my breach of copyright - I'd like to think they will appreciate my complete buy-in to the things that are made possible by "the unique way the BBC is funded".

The conversations always seem to go a different way to how I expect. I'd prefer to work to a script. Anyway, they want me to take part in a recorded audio diary in February when we re-open for the season. It's only 140 words for each of 5 days, but hey, it's exposure.

Anyway, here the clip.


Tandleman said...

Excellent Dave. Points made well and clearly. Well done.

Brewers Union Local 180 said...

It's good to find out that I'm not the problem.

Unknown said...

Thanks Tandleman, I am left concerned that I missed popularities and now kick myself for various things I could have said. Still, if it sounded good to others then that's OK.

BUL180, not part of THAT problem, perhaps? Hopefully you cause a minor problem to the Corner Bar and Grill by providing a nicer place for people to go.