Sunday 14 June 2009

Ravenglass Folk Meet

A couple of weeks ago some strange interesting people in various colourful costumes ended a weekend of frivolous fun by dancing peculiar ancient dances outside our pub. It was fun and they spent lots of money. I don't know if it scared away any other customers, but I'm not sure I'd want any miserable killjoys here anyway. Everybody else had a wonderful time.

They do say that Morris dancing is something you should never try. Having these fun loving people here transformed an otherwise dull afternoon into an entertaining little interlude, so I cannot understand what people objection to it is. See some interesting discussion in the comments to this post on Jeffrey's blog. It would seem to me that despite a few people trying to tell us that nobody likes this sort of fun, most actually like to witness a little light hearted tradition once in a while.

It was part of the Ravenglass Folk Meet. The first one. They have threatened promised to do it all again next year because it was such a great success. Perhaps I'd better get some bunting.

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