Thursday 23 April 2009

The ladies beer?

Some time ago I discussed the issue of beer for women. It sparked a bit of controversy, which I still haven't got a final conclusion to in my own mind. Discussing a new product was an interesting exercise. Suggestions that making a beer taste like an alcopop, which was an option put forward, resulted in the retort that anybody who needed beer to taste like an alcopop might as well just drink alcopops. An argument that is difficult to find counter claims for.

Cask ale week came and went. It was a partial success for us as we certainly increased awareness of the concept of asking for a taster. We put about £10 up for a couple of cases of little taster glasses which of course we are still using.

FemAle day came and went without any hint it had happened. OK, we didn't do anything different. But then I'm not going to single out women on any particular day and say "You're a woman, why aren't you drinking ale?"

What we do is suggest they try our Kriek and give them a taster. It actually works for blokes as well, although the poncy glasses we have are a bit off putting. Yes, we've got pint ones as well. Some don't like cherries, perhaps we should get some Fruli or Frambosen as well, that'll perhaps catch the rest. Oh yes, and a wheat beer, thanks Velky Al. So perhaps there are plenty of beer products out there for people, it's just they don't know about them yet. OK, it's not Real Ale, but we can't have everything.


Ed said...

Charles Well's Banana bread beer goes down well with the ladies too. It is a bit like an alcopop though.

Kristy_BitterSweet Partnership said...

Hi Dave, Kristy from BitterSweet here was really interesting to see the controversy your original post sparked!
The clear beer is one of many things we're working on with BitterSweet - but one of our top priorities is speaking to all women (inclduing those, like me, who love beer) to find out what they want from the beer industry.
But the idea that our clear beer is fruit flavoured isn't a new one, the Belgium's have been doing it for years. You wouldn't call Kriek or Fruli an alcopop, would you? ;-)