Thursday, 3 October 2013

Hardknott Brewer's Kitchen

If you've been following this blog for a while you may know that I've complained about Saturday Kitchen failing to give beer reasonable airtime. Generally, it is an irritation to me that TV food programs really fail to give quality beer any credence. This just isn't right.

Well, we've decided the only real way to combat the problem is to come up with our own alternative program that covers a little bit more beer.

We've done a couple of episodes and posted them on Vimeo. They may not be quite up to the production quality of the BBC, but we're only doing this as a little bit of a laugh, even if the message and subject has a more serious underlying principle.

We know these videos are a little on the long side. We filmed kind of ad-libbed and mostly unscripted. We can put a lot more effort into proper scripting, directing, editing and generally better planning if there is enough interest in the idea.

These two episodes took me three days to produce in total, so if you don't like them, let me know I'm wasting my time.

Please, feel free to comment and let us know what you think. We hope you like the general idea.

I've one more episode "In the can" - slow cooked belly pork in Cool Fusion. I've not started editing the footage yet until I hear what you all have to say about our work so far.

Hardknott Brewer's Kitchen Episode 1 from Hardknott Brewery on Vimeo.

Hardknott Brewer's Kitchen Episode 2 from Hardknott Brewery on Vimeo.


Leigh said...

Morning Dave - Leigh here. Well done! Like you say, the editing and overall feel is that of 'early days' but as usual I applaud your enthusiasm and I for one would like to see more. Keep going - surely there's room for you to have a youtube channel of this kind of stuff? I've seen much worse ones out there, and that's where the real traffic is in terms of views.

Yvan said...

Editing video is... hard. Tried it myself for a daft online competition once, huge time-sink for pretty mediocre results!

The clips tick the right boxes for me: entertaining, relevant, good content. Yes, quite rough around the edges - but I think all you need to do is make more. Practice. I do pity you for having to try and cook a stir-fry with that stove and pot though :-p how about getting a portable gas burner? They seem to be all the rage for trendy on-location TV chefs these days.

Agree with Leigh - if you want to pick up more "new" attention YouTube seems to be where it is at. If you're happy pushing it via your blog and Twitter though then Vimeo is perfectly good. I personally much prefer Vimeo.

Length is a problem, 15 minutes isn't too bad but at about the top-end I think, 10 minutes would be better. People have such low attention spans these d... oh, look, shiny thing