Sunday, 20 October 2013

Brewer's Kitchen Episode 3

Finally got there. It's been "in the can" for a few weeks, but these things take a bit of editing even to get down to the marathon length that they are.

We know they are too long and boring, so we will endeavour to get it much slicker.

The next episode is going to be a bit better planned. Much less footage of me cutting stuff up; we'll do that in the age old "and here's some we prepared earlier" leaving me to just explain what's going on in a much more compact way.

Meanwhile, I'd still like you to watch this, if you have the patience.

Hardknott Brewer's Kitchen Episode 3 from Hardknott Brewery on Vimeo.


Brewers Union Local 180 said...

Awesome T-shirt; just spent a week there last Thursday.

I'm glad Jazlin got your kitchen clean and hope to have some proper flat non-fizzy craft cask at the Bear on the Square sometime this coming Spring.

Dave Bailey said...

I like that t-shirt. Indeed, I think I need to come over there and get a few spares for when I wear that one out.

Jazlin did indeed help to make the kitchen clean and tidy, although it's been through a few shit-tip spotless cycles since.

We aren't mentioning creatures that might be on quadrangle type shapes just now - least said and all that.