Thursday, 8 November 2012

Sexy new bottles

It's all getting very exciting here at Hardknott HQ. We understand that our bottling machine is being packed and will very soon be on it's way over here to the UK. Thanks to everyone that ordered beer over the last 24 hours, it helped pay just a little bit more off the balance and there is not far to go now.

We are also nearly there with things like label designs, all worked in to coincide with the delivery of the new machine. We think they look quite good.

There have been requests for the ability to pre-order on our web-shop. As this would certainly help us get the project to completion we though "why not?"

So, here's the page if you want to be the very first people to get the full set.


OllyC said...

Glad I just checked your blog before I ordered - just pre-ordered myself a 12 bottle mixed case. Nice one!

BeerReviewsAndy said...

Hope you are saving your designers some they look great ;op

treble9man said...

I can remember extolling the virtues of bottling beer, as a way of promoting and getting it "out there" many many years ago......

Good to see things are going so well - nice one Dave :-)