Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Raking in a few quid

You may have heard, we've got new tanks.

You may have heard we also have a new bottling machine waiting in Italy to be delivered.

The tanks are full of beer waiting to go into nice bottles with fancy new branding.

The problem with all of this is that the machine won't arrive here until we've paid the balance of the cost. We are a few quid short. We could ask you, the Hardknott fans, to lend us some, but I've thought of a great idea which will suit us all.....

I sell you some beer a little bit cheaper, so you spend a little bit more, the money goes right into our PayPal account making up that little difference.

Everyone's a winner. What do you say?

Rhetoric Ed I £5.15 NOW £3.85 (One-off beer, never to be repeated)

We have Rhetoric II and Azimuth and other great new beers in tank ready for bottle, but we need to keep the bank account topped up you see, so we can buy empty bottles and labels and stuff. And all you need to do to help is buy these beers at these great prices.

Oh, and you best hurry, this offer won't last forever.


Cooking Lager said...

£4 for 330ml is cheap beer?

Dave Bailey said...

Absolutely Cookie, cheap at twice the price.

Go on, you know you want to. It's classy beer. I don't know about your squeeze, but mine, AKA @HardknottAnn loves them. Guaranteed good time, I promise.

Yvan Seth said...

Help our brewery, buy our beer!

Can't resist a call to arms like that :)

New bottle labels look pretty good... bright, distinctive. Should look good lined up on a shelf in a shop.

OllyC said...

Do I have to buy one of those two beers to help out or can I just buy some of your other stuff at normal price? Was thinking about ordering a selection of different ones you see ...

Dave Bailey said...

Olly, any sale via our web-shop will help. Any sale at all. Fill-yer-boots!!

If you do you will go on our list of "Hardknott Heroes"

OllyC said...

Excellent! I've been wanting to try your 'English Experiment' for a while, so I'll be putting in an order in for that and a few others shortly.

Best of luck!

Brewers Union Local 180 said...

You mean I can't play with the bottling machine next week? Might as well go home.

Dave Bailey said...


We have paid a further payment today. I have it a good authority that the bottling machine will leave Italy tomorrow and, providing we pay the very small amount left, it might be delivered on Tuesday.

Phil said...

I'd be tempted, but paying a sick squid for delivery makes it a bit less of a bargain.

Dave Bailey said...


Unfortunately we are sort of stuck with the delivery charge. The pricing structure here works quite fairly. Obviously for a single bottle costs around £10 to process, pack and deliver the consignment. We really don't make any money on a single bottle. However, if someone really wants one bottle then we are flattered that they have been bothered to try us out and so we take the hit.

As the order quantity increases so the costs of processing, packing, dispatching and delivery by the courier goes up a little, but not much. At around 12 bottles we are into profit.

Once above that number we start to have to split the consignment, increasing the costs again significantly, but equally we do gain some economies of scale in other areas.

This is why we have price breaks at the various points.

We think the pricing accurately and fairly represent a good flat charge. The more you order, the better deal you get as the cost of delivery is spread across the whole order.

£6 packing and shipping charge is common with nearly any on-line delivery company that is delivering anything that is either fragile or heavy. Beer bottle, of course, are both.