Thursday, 17 May 2012

It's all Rhetorical

What a great response I got for my previous post, inviting bloggers who are attending The European Bloggers Conference this coming weekend to give me reasons why I should give them a bottle of our new Rhetoric MKI. I of course reserve the right to give away beer to whoever I choose, and having now chosen the 24 lucky winners, I must now announce it, and I feel that some sort of explanation for each is required.

I realised that I have set myself a difficult task. I'm not sure I've managed to capture everyone who responded and there is a nagging doubt in the back of my mind that I saw a really great response that I cannot now find. Putting in everyone's links got to be very time consuming. I hope I got them all right. If not, many apologies.

There are other people who aren't going to the bloggers conference who may have missed out. I may get to you in time, you never know your luck.

Alex has already set off for Leeds, if you are in the list just make yourself known to him.

With no further ado, *drum roll* the winners are......

1. The Ormskirk Barron Baron

Because he has always supported Hardknott. He might have already received free beer from me in the past, or perhaps not, I can't remember. He has paid for Hardknott beer, I know, I was there. But also because he tackled the issue of blogging for free beer in an honest and forthright audio podcast.

Also, he gets it for his tweet; "you can't give happiness to charity"

Hopefully he'll share his bottle with Christopher R.

2. Andy Mogg

Andy didn't respond to my post. Actually, that's a lie, he re-tweeted it. However, he is one of the bloggers that I feel has the up-most blogging integrity. Also, he has recently joined the ranks of the self employed. In this age of economic uncertainty everyone who risks personal finance on the uncertainty of enterprise deserves my support.

3. Mark Charlwood

An example of a blogger who believes in what he is doing. A great guy too.

And also for this comment  "If you love craft beer, brewing and the beer industry then invest your disposable income in it. You don't take up golf as a hobby and then go asking for free 7-irons do you?"

4. Mitch Adams

For blatant flattery; "A great PR idea, and I wholly approve of your marketing/sales strategy" and for being a very hard-working publican. We should value good publicans, they are the salt of the earth.

5. Chris Williams

For his involvement in a brewery that has been on my radar for more years than I care to remember, long before this whole concept of "Craft Beer" sprang up.Also, for offering to test the ABV of the beer. Well worth giving it away for that.

6. Claire and Sam

For their refreshing, friendly and honest approach.

7. Glyn Roberts

Because he's a *censored word*........ I mean, great bloke who buys way more Hardknott beer than the ordinary blogger (in his professional capacity, of course) and because I hope he'll continue to do so.

8. Gregg Irwin

For coming to see us at the brewery, buying beer, and being jolly good company when we went for a pint. And because I think Alison would like this beer.

Oh, and for promising to drink it "while sitting cross legged on a cushion made of groomed cat fur, wearing nothing but a who ate all the pies T-shirt, listening to Metallica and doing the Times crossword."

9. David Shipman

For this great post - 'nuff said

10. David Bascombe

Because of this post about Æther Blæc 2011 Epsilon - which I'd have missed if I hadn't run this competition. (I didn't send him a review bottle, by the way)

11. Dave Lozman

Because he's called Dave. And because he has bought quite a lot of Hardknott beer. He didn't join in, probably because he's in the middle of The North Sea, or planning for a wedding. I sometimes realise I have a good life when I hear what other people have to endure.

12. David Bishop

Because when I clicked on the large Hardknott Tag on his blog lots of great stuff came up.

13. Tandleman

Number 13, unlucky for some. I had to put Tandy, otherwise known as Peter Alexander, in somewhere. I thought about putting him last, or first, but he got in here instead.

I may not always agree with Tandy, but I am sure his integrity is beyond doubt. Also, he really genuinely doesn't want his free bottle. He's probably right, he won't like it. He can give it away if he likes to the blogger who most deserves it but didn't make the list.

That's probably Tyson, who does deserve it, but I couldn't think of a reason why. Hopefully he's more likely to like the beer. If not, he can give it to someone else.

14. Andy Parker

For occasional great comments on my blog and for posting about Æther Blæc 2011 Epsilon. And, for this gracious comment "If not, I'll probably buy it when it's released to the world anyway, so if they go to someone else, that's cool too."

15. Neil Walker

Well, for having a great blog, and for a great post about Infra Red He also promises to carry on buying Hardknott even if he doesn't get a free bottle.

16. Leigh Linley

Leigh didn't put in a submission, at least not to the best of my knowledge. He does write a great blog that deals a lot with beer and food matching and that is good enough for me.

17. Phil Hardy

Because he's been to our part of the world and blogged about it - and another example of a solid Hardknott supporter.

18. Reuben Gray

Because as part of a trip to England he visited us in our pub, when we had it. It was a hoot, especially the Tokyo Shandy.....

19. William Briggs

Ghostie to you and me. He sells Hardknott beer in BeerRitz. Needs no other excuse.

20. Zak Avery

Again, another who hasn't formally complied with the conditions of this competition. In fact, I sometimes wonder if he just isn't talking to me at all. But, he talks to Ann and orders beers for BeerParadise. So there.

You are right, I should have made Zak and Ghostie share, but you know, I think they both deserve a bottle each.

21. Des de Moor

As a serious writer who earns a living, at least in part, from beer writing and a thoroughly nice chap, Des had already made this list despite having not officially put forward a reason.

I make no pretence that if I give away beer the first port of call would be beer writers who will place in printed literature and those who have a solid track record of impartial and influential writing.

And then, at the last minute, up pops a splendid comment on my blog.

22. Adrian Tierney-Jones

As for Des, except he hasn't commented, or said anything about the matter at all. Perhaps he isn't talking to me either.

Actually, where is Sooty?

23. Steve Lamond

Again, another blogger who didn't join in, but when I saw his name on the delegates list, I knew I had to include him. Why? I'm not sure, but he's here and I'm the rule-maker and judge, so that's that.

24. Rob Derbyshire

Again, another who doesn't seem to have joined the request for beer. He has done some reviews of Hardknott beers in the past, although they seem a little difficult to find from his website


Baron Orm said...

Thank you very much for the offer of the bottle, I'll certainly accept it and will definitely share it with Chris and most probably Paul from Source Deli in Ormskirk too (who stocks Hardknott beer).

I look forward to meeting Alex tomorrow!

Tandleman said...

Well - I'll compromise. When you say it's ready, I'll tell Tyson what it was like! :-) Sorry you aren't going to be there.

Steve Lamond said...

Thanks Dave! I started drafting a reply to your post, then lost phone signal. Shall of course be honest in my review

HopZine Rob said...

You can find my "reviews" on my YouTube channel

Alan said...

That exercise in beating the bushes for free advertising while berating people who ask for free samples has to be one of the best beer blogging moments of the year.

Paul Bailey said...;postID=8918680957027718806

Dave Bailey said...

Paul, that link didn't work.

This one might

And, cheeky brother, you've drunk my beer, for free, quite a few times I seem to recall.

You won't like this one however, it's not for drinking in pints.

Paul Bailey said...

That’s why I have a big do things I can't. I didn't say that I haven't had free beer, just none in bottles, except the one that I forgot..... Just using poetic licence. Yes loads of free pints, and very good they were they were in good company. (actually they'd be good even in poor company just not as good.)

Dave Bailey said...

"just none in bottles, except the one that I forgot...."

best fix that one then hadn't we? Can't have my lickle bruv going without.

Anonymous said...

At the risk of being seen as sycophantic (though as no-one knows or cares who I am why should that bother me?!) I wanted to thank you for opening the box to a load of blogs that I'd never seen before.

Like beer itself the quality varies, and some just aren't to my taste, but I'm getting great pleasure in finding out for myself.


TaleOfAle said...

Hi Dave,

I have not heard a bottle opening date yet but try and give plenty of notice so I can arrange to meet up with TBN.

Thanks for including me by the way and sorry to have missed you this year. Great to meet Alex though. A thoroughly good chap that.

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